making the spacegame pages

sure you know whatever no biggie

i’m setting this all up. so let’s get a few things sorted:

go there and fill in the times you’re available so i can figure out scheduling (so far I’ve got crion and countblanc’s times, but i still need brennon, max, and ehkzai)

i’m thinking of getting in about ten-ish sessions overall. should be fun. we’ll be using strike! in roll20 which should simplify things significantly. we’ll be running from early july to late august, in a series of loosely-connected missions that are thematically going to be like a reverse x-com. fight the crazy apes invading your space

i think thats about it for now. once i’ve got everyone here we’re gonna go to the next step: design your aliens! the protectorate is made up of innumerable alien races, but the main ones are the ones you come up with! then i’ll fill in the map to give everyone an idea of what the universe looks like (spoiler: yall are losing) and then we’re off!

i think that’s it for now


imtom imtom

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