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The Protectorate

The Protectorate is a galaxy-spanning alliance of peaceful races that has extended its umbrella of protection over numerous worlds in the Orion Arm. In the early years of space travel, the technologically-advanced races preyed upon those who lacked the technology or the disposition to defend themselves, but a few space-faring races came to the defense of the planet-bound sentients, pushing back and eventually stalemating their aggressors. In time, these forces organized into a rudimentary galactic government. Over the aeons, former enemies themselves were incorporated into the growing structure as races rose and fell from prominence in galactic society. Today’s Protectorate hails from this ancient alliance, and follows its precedent: to safeguard sapient life in the face of galactic threats.

The Threat: Hominids

The hominids are highly territorial, aggressive, and tribal. While their lack of broad organization and constant infighting has allowed the Protectorate to win isolated victories, the situation remains bleak. Entire swaths of protected space has fallen, leaving many worlds cut off from rescue.

The hominids war constantly, and this experience has given them a great advantage in military matters. While their early weapons systems were considered hopelessly primitive in comparison to protectorate technologies, in the hands of experienced fighters and starship captains they were more than enough to carve out huge chunks or protected space, and their arsenals have only been improving in the interim with the capture of advanced technologies from the worlds they have conquered.

While the Protectorate has lost a great deal of its territories, the situation is not irrecoverable just yet. The invaders have so far avoided the densely-populated core worlds in the spaces they have conquered, as these tend to be well-defended and have previously repulsed attempts at outright conquest; in the wake of these failures, the hominids instead strike terror with frequent raids that chip away at the trust of the peoples of the Protectorate. Already, a number of worlds have begun to negotiate a peaceful submission.

The Team:

The Protectorate is losing. The invaders’ numbers are too great, the odds are stacked too long, and there’s too much space to cover. The governments of the Protectorate have taken notice of the ever-widening gulf of space between the original frontier and the current frontline. Bold decisions, and no small amount of luck, will be needed if catastrophe is to be skirted. So, in a controversial declaration earlier this cycle, the councils have requested volunteers from each of the prominent Protectorate Species for membership in an elite force to conduct vital operations against the invaders. This unit will be exempted from the standard rules of conduct in wartime, will be authorized to utilize preemptive lethal force, and will be sent into human-controlled space in order to conduct strategic disruption, assassination, and sabotage.

Your first mission will be a raid on an enemy communication hub in one of their newest conquests. You will be briefed further in transit.

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