Space Rock Man (Warlord/Defender)


Arrigo the Muro

HP: 13
Speed: 6

Class: Warlord
- When you hit with a power that deals [S] damage, you take a Support token but deal no damage. When you roll a six on such a power, take an additional token. When you miss with any power, take a token.
- At the end of combat, extra support tokens may be spent to reduce Strikes. You may spend up to one token per ally to reduce their personal Strikes by one. This does not reduce the total number of party Strikes, meaning it can reduce Conditions but not ease Concessions.
- Start each combat with one support token.

Support Feature: Enabling
- Gain a support token whenever you give an ally Advantage on an attack by flanking.
- Spend a support token when an ally starts their turn to give them an extra three squares of movement. These squares are available how or if they use their Move action. You may not spend more than one token this way on the same turn.
- Spend two support tokens when an ally makes an attack to give them Advantage.

At-Will Powers:
- Alley-Oop: Range: Melee, Damage: [S], Effect: Slide the target 1 square and an ally makes a Basic Melee Attack against it, doing 1 extra point of damage if they hit.
- Knock Him Off Balance: Range: Melee or Ranged 5, Damage: 3, Effect: The next ally to attack the target has Advantage.

Encounter Powers:
- The Perfect Chance: An ally within 10 squares makes an attack with Advantage.
- Leave Him Exposed: Range: Melee or Ranged 10, Damage: 3, Effect: If the next attack against the target hits, it deals an extra 5 damage.

Role: Defender
Defense Boost: Resist 1 All. When you roll a 3-6 on an attack, regain 1 HP.
Stickiness Boost:
- When an enemy enters a square adjacent to you it loses the rest of its squares of movement.
- When an enemy grants you an Opportunity, it takes 1 additional damage.
- Gain the Mark power.

- Mark: Choose two creatures within 5 squares. Targets are marked by you until the end of their next turn.
- Come and get it!: You pull every enemy within two spaces adjacent to a square adjacent to you. Mark any of these enemies until the end of their next turn.
- I don’t think so!: Trigger: An enemy grants you an Opportunity. In addition to taking damage, the enemy loses the action that triggered the Opportunity.

Action Trigger:
- THIS is a punch! (interrupt): Trigger: An enemy hits you with an attack. Spend an action point. The attack misses and grants you an Opportunity.

- Toughness: +3 to max HP. Disadvantage to all attacks against you in the first round and Resist 1 All in the first round.
- Huge: Increase your size to 2×2. Your allies may treat you as terrain granting Full Cover. You are Brazen (Ranged attacks rolled against you treat 6’s as 5’s, and 4’s as 3’s).
- Minor Striker: Once per encounter, when you hit with an attack, deal an extra 3 points of damage. Additionally, you gain the Quick Shift power as an encounter power.

Background: Paragon

Skills: Inspiring Speeches, Sensing Motives, Constitution, Unwavering Courage
Resources: Poor (1), Rally The Downtrodden [Connections]
Trick: Strength with Purpose!: Paragons can shatter any barrier that keeps them from their goal.

Origin: Muro

Skill: Oral Histories
Complication: Too big!: While not the only big boys in the confederacy, it’s clear that most things are built for someone several feet smaller and several tons lighter.

Additional Skill: Intimidation
Additional Resource: Mineral Lore [Finding]
Additional Complication: Getting Carried Away: Sometimes Arrigo doesn’t realize that not everyone shares his fervor.

Level Up Stuff

Fallback (Level 2): Overwhelming Strength
Fallback (Level 6):
Complication (Level 3):
Trick (Level 4): Prismatic Body: Arrigo has learned to weaponize his unique form against energy-based weapons.


The Muro

A patient, ancient, and jovial people, the Muro like nothing more than sharing stories, discussing philosophies, and competitions of physical prowess. In fact, the Muro’s oral traditions are among the most unique of any race, as every historic event or tall tale a Muro recounts is likely something they personally witnessed.

To understand the Muro you must understand that they are a long-lived race, almost certainly the longest in the Confederacy and perhaps the galaxy as well. In fact, the very Muro that you’re looking at is one of the first of its kind. And also one of the last.

You see, the Muro – both as individuals and a collective – date back tens of thousands of years. On a backwater planet called Dividere there once lived a race of carbon-based humanoids who Muro tales simply refer to as “the First”. What set the First apart from the countless other similar races was their psionic abilities, and what set the First apart from an admittedly smaller number of other psionic races was that they were completely oblivious to said powers.

Through prayer and ritual, the First’s latent psychic powers shaped what they thought to be gods from their surroundings. At first there were many such creatures, animal, vegetable, and mineral. But only the last of them survived the test of time. It isn’t clear what caused the extinction of the First and the other Muro, only that the surviving species continues to thrive, with only bits of erosion for their troubles.

It is perhaps this borrowed immortality that makes the Mudo so dedicated to stopping the encroaching Humans. With the death of their creators and unable to reproduce on their own, the loss of one Mudo’s life marks a permanent decrease in their population.


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