Galactic Brawlin' Rabbit


Class: Duelist
- Whenever you start your turn, the target of your Duel takes one Focus. For each point of Focus the enemy gets, pick one effect from the list below. They act cumulatively:
• Harried.
• Cannot benefit from positive effects from its allies’ powers.
• Cannot take advantage of Opportunities.
• Cannot benefit from its own positive effects.
• Cannot use interrupts or reactions.
- When you spend a point of Focus, remove one of the accumulated conditions. Apply the support feature.

At-Will Powers: Change Target, Get Over Here, Exploit Weakness
- Change Target: Make a Basic Attack against a creature. Then change the target of Duel to that creature.
- Get Over Here: Target is pulled to an adjacent square.
- Exploit Weakness: Target is Vulnerable 1 to all damage with you as the source until the end of the encounter. Applying this effect more than once is not cumulative.

Encounter Power: Duel, Stalker
- Duel: Target one creature within 10 squares. Until the end of the en-
counter, when you attack the target, any 2’s on your dice are treated as though they were 6’s.
- Stalker: Until the end of the encounter, the target takes one point of Focus whenever you end your turn adjacent to it.

Support Feature:
- Force their position: When the target of your Duel ends its turn, you may spend any number of points of its Focus to slide it one square per point spent.

Role: Controller
Control Boost: When you roll a 3 to 6 on an attack, you may choose to either knock the target prone, or to slide the target 6 squares.

Encounter Power: Save or Suck, Flash
- Save or Suck: The target must make a saving throw. If it fails, it is stunned until the end of its next turn. If it succeeds, it is slowed instead.
- Flash: The target must make a saving throw. If it fails, it is blinded until the end of its next turn. If it succeeds, it is distracted instead.
Action Trigger: Don’t Save
- Trigger: an enemy succeeds on a saving throw. Spend an Action Point. The enemy fails instead.

Feats: Slippery, Nothing Fazes You, Lucky
- Slippery: Any time you shift you may shift 1 extra square. Additionally, you may move through enemy squares, although you may not end your turn there. When you enter or leave an enemy’s square, you do not grant that enemy an Opportunity.
- Nothing Fazes You: Save at the start of your turn instead of the end. When subject to forced movement, reduce its distance by 1. When slowed, your speed is 3 instead of 2. When an enemy knocks you prone, roll a saving throw to try to stay upright.
- Lucky: Once per encounter you may force an enemy to reroll one attack against you.


Ocyo Tandem

The Lagus are a small mammalian species which hail from the planet Komaous. Topographically, sparse vegetation and vast expanses of frozen tundra betray a resource-poor environment, with global temperatures averaging -20° to 50° F. Komaous is characterized by high tectonic activity, in part produced by the gravitational pull and lunar tidal effects of its three moons, Vadam, Ismitt, and Kamar. The looming presence of these satellites would serve as early sources of wonder and inspiration for the Lagus race which would eventually be responsible for a system of religious hegemony, and these same masses would later provide a tangible goal of establishing off-world colonies on the terraformed moons for a species in desperate need of dealing with their overpopulation.

In adapting with their harsh environment, The Lagus developed a thick white coat of fur to both protect from the severe cold and stave off hostile fauna. As well, the species are insulated by a layer of blubber which renders them virtually invisible under infrared photography. The Lagus’ small stature is suited to an environment of scarce food, with the height of a full grown member of the race rarely exceeding 3.5 feet. Their diminutive stature and resemblance to the fauna species Oryctolagus cuniculus often results in other races’ condescension and mocking of the Lagus, with the common perception of the species as a helpless bunny often being proven violently false due to the Lagus’ characteristically short tempers and surprising hostility. The race has characteristically well developed senses of smell and hearing.

The religious fervor of the early Lagus, their violent nature, and the scarcity of habitable land and resources coalesced to form an expansive period of civil wars across Komaous. The unstable tectonic activity of the planet historically resulted in large areas of development being unsustainable, resulting in a majority of Lagus history being characterized by stratification into numerous small factions embroiled in wars between themselves rather than large centers of population. The State of Yermo, named after its mythologized founder, would come to be the center of Lagus culture and scientific development upon its founding, its rapid advancement compared to its contemporary warring city-states has resulted in a lasting society of aristocracy and social stratification, with a regimented caste system that is virtually impossible to usurp.

Tandem was born in a poor farming community among a family of seven brothers and sisters. Being the runt of the litter, Tandem had to learn to be quick and to fight for survival, growing tough from his bullying at the hands of his siblings. After spending his formative years invariably following the same routine of tending to the fields, Tandem, refusing to waste any more of his life in his backwater community, fled to the State of Yermo. Narrowly surviving his journey through the frozen expanse, what he found upon his arrival in the urban sprawl was that he had difficulty making a living in his new home due to a lack of any sort of education. Relying on the hardiness he had developed from his upbringing, Tandem turned to the underground prize fighting ring, spending the next several years in and out of jail for participating in the outlawed sport.

The response from the Yermo government evolved from cracking down on the fighting ring to establishing it as a formal sport. The resultant pocketing of a cut of the profits by the Yermo government, as well as Tandem’s proficiency in the ring being noticed by the officials led to his turn to another occupation. The Yermo government began to routinely hire Tandem for various odd jobs, typically for the purpose of bounty hunting and dealing with potential rebellions within the rural areas surrounding the State of Yermo. Tandem began to grow as dissatisfied with his situation as he had been in his hometown, and fearing that the safety net provided by the State of Yermo would last only as long as he was useful to the unstable political system, he jumped on the first excuse to leave the planet. Spending nearly all he had earned from his mercenary work, Tandem bought a vessel to take him where he thought his thirst for adventure and honed skillset would be of use, the protectorate.


Skills: Foraging, Agile
Feat: Slippery

Complications: Too Small

BACKGROUND: Prize Fighter

Skills: Grappling, Streetwise, Trash Talking, Haggling

Resources: Everybody Loves Rabbits (Connections) — Some people just can’t say no to a those big ol’ ears and little bean nose

Poor (1)

Trick: Teeth and Claws — It’s very difficult to win a fist fight with a 70-lb. rabid ball of fur


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