Rah'kwei!ko "Rocco" Vahkahka

Birdy Hunter


Class: Magician- Star Mage
At-Wills: Liscato’s Bountiful Lubrication, The Instant Repulsion
Encounters: Parvel’s Total Constriction, Radiant Motes of the Overworld, The Cant of Inexplicable Lust, Mudge’s Localized Inferno, Horwell’s Offensive Amalgam, Soporific Decree.
Reserve: Practical Dome of Preservation

Role: Defender
Mark, You Call That A Punch?
Role encounters: I Don’t Think So

Background: Bounty Hunter
Skills: Negotiation, Trick Shots, Galactic Law, Vehicle Piloting
Resources: Poor 1 – Odd Jobs [Finding] – Small hits, private detective service, or even small paramilitary gigs keep Rocco fed between big contracts.
Trick: Draw! – Life experience has honed Rocco’s reflexes to razor sharpness. In any kind of standoff, from mexican to reaching for the last cookie on a plate, Rocco can always draw first.
Complication: The Middleman – His career and methods have earned Rocco distrust from both law enforcement and the galactic underworld.
Feats: Melee Shooter

Origin: Khakahka-ah
Trick: Wings of the Khak!nama If he has enough room to move his arms, Rocco can fall extreme distances without suffering a rough or harmful landing.
Skills: Tracking, Acrobatics
Feats: Fast Reactions
Complication: Water Wings The Khakahka-ah do not have the traditionally waterproof plumage of most avian species, and have developed a collective phobia towards water.

Rocco wanted to be a pilot when he was a kid, be the top ace in the military. Sadly, most dreams never really pan out; when he flunked out of the fighter academy, he had to find a means to subsist, so he turned his skills towards private clients. Decades later, he has become a notorious (and in some parts of the galaxy, Wanted) bounty hunter. Quick with his mind and even quicker on the draw, he’s never found a mark he couldn’t bag. When the protectorate put out the call for champions, he shocked the law enforcement bodies of the Khakahka-ah by volunteering. Rather than arrest him, they put his papers through, and gave him his big chance to show the flock what he’s really made of.


The Khakahka-ah

Birds. That’s what they were engineered to look like, act like, and think like. By who? Well, no one really knows- whatever records the creators might have kept seem to have vanished about the time the Khakahka-ah became the dominant lifeform on their home world of Via’de-val. Standing at about the same height and having nearly the same proportions as them, many comment that the strange invaders look like a twisted version of the Khakahka-ah – but the Khakahka-ah weigh considerably less. Sinewy, lithe, and endowed with the fragile but light bones of bird, the Khakahka-ah are famed for their retention of a limited, gliding style of flight.

The Khakahka-ah congregate in very large social units, with equally expansive families. To find distinction amongst the flock, there is a large cultural tradition amongst the Khakahka-ah of trying to ‘stand out’, or achieve greatness and distinguish one’s self from the mass of feathers around them. They also have an intense obsession with fashion and personal beauty, and Khakahka-ahn fashions used to set trends around the galaxy back when peace used to reign. Khakahka-ahn legends often revolve around heroes who begin in some menial station of life such as of egg-watcher or street-cleaner and rise to become great warlords or brilliant inventors.

Spiritually, they used to revere the pantheon of the creators, the 512 Skygods who each breathed some aspect of the Khakahka-ah into being. Cities and tribes organized themselves around the worship of a singular aspect of the pantheon, from Mu-rek the eye to Skkaaka the feather. Since the discovery of advanced technologies such as space-flight and genetics, their faith has had to rapidly adapt – but it has proven to be very resilient. Most simply take the revelation that they are a genetically engineered species to show that the creator gods are real – clearly the Khakahka-ah were designed to be perfect, while the others are just mundane outgrowings of the creator’s galaxy. This, combined with their traditions of distinction and fashion, have given the birds a bad reputation of preening arrogance – a well deserved one, for many of the Khakahka-ah truly do believe they are ‘special’ and ‘apart’ from the others of the Galaxy. Still, the rise of the hominids has pushed them uncomfortably together with the rest of the protectorate they used to only mildly involve themselves with.

In modern times, they are known for being superb pilots thanks to their innate sense of flight- quick movements and sudden turns that would disorient other species are easy for the Khakahka. They are also a notoriously aggressive species, belligerent and prideful; consequently, many Khakahka-ahns have volunteered to put the upstart hominids in their place.

After all, who are they to attack us so?

Rah'kwei!ko "Rocco" Vahkahka

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